11.45 am – 12.10 pm
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Gamify the Management: Understanding - Gaming - Deciding

Gamification as an interface function of management: what does that mean? What can gamification do? What do the prerequisites for operational implementation look like? Why does successful gamification have nothing to do with technology, but instead with life realities?

Christoph Deeg


12.15 pm – 1.00 pm
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Shopping Playfully – Interactive Steles as Touchpoints for Gamification

Digital advertising space (digital signage) in practice. Optimisation thanks to the gamification of fundamental communication and sales processes. The customer is individually addressed at the point of sale through interaction with viewers, for example, via smartphone and animated to participate.

Ibrahim Mazari


2.00 pm – 2.40 pm
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Pimp My Ride: Roller Coaster & Virtual Reality

VR coasters make VR rides out of roller coasters. This makes even relatively unspectacular rides exciting and new. Mack Media (family of the Europapark operator) has become involved in a big way. There is international cooperation.

Thomas Wagner

Hochschule Kaiserslautern

Michael Mack

Europa-Park, VR Coaster, Mack Media

2.45 pm – 3.30 pm
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The Future Is Augmented!

Book publishing houses, toy manufacturers and the maintenance industry use applications for smart devices on a daily basis, for a low price and without special hardware. On the possibilities for usage of AR, presentation with audience interaction. AR will be tested directly on your own smartphone.

Evgeni Kouris


Christian Bittler


3.45 pm – 4.25 pm
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Sea Hero Quest

Telekom presents Sea Hero Quest, a sophisticated game about dementia, which collects standard data for the spatial orientation of healthy people and may be able to ease the diagnosis of dementia through the recognition of early symptoms.

Max Scott-Slade


4.30 pm – 5.15 pm
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More Motivation and Efficiency in the Industry 4.0 Through Playfulness

Gamification on the conveyor: breaks are coordinated, work motivation and efficiency are rewarded with free time. That's how gamification functions in industrial production, in “Industry 4.0”.

Dr.-Ing. Jörg Niesenhaus

Centigrade GmbH