11.45 am – 12.10 pm
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How Games Move Us

Isbister shows us a new way to think about games, helping us appreciate them as an innovative and powerful medium for doing what film, literature, and other creative media do: helping us to understand ourselves and what it means to be human.

Prof. Dr. Katherine Isbister

University of California

12.15 pm – 1.00 pm
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Cultural Criticism and Critical Culture: Games in the Editorial Office

Computer games have no lobby in culture editorial offices. Reporting is the exception. Is this due to the media or the medium? Are games of no significance in terms of content? How do we even discuss games in 2016?

Max Fraenkel

Jugendangebot ARD/ZDF

Rainer Sigl

Tim Rittmann

Maja Beckers

2.00 pm – 2.40 pm
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The Experiment: Teaching eSports in School

The ArlandaGymnasiet, a secondary school in Sweden, has introduced e-sport as a school subject. The school head presents the model project. How did this come about? What competencies are conveyed?

Andreas Eriksson


2.45 pm – 3.30 pm
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Digital Hate An Analogue Problem?

Hate speech and hate are everywhere, in social networks and in computer games. However, maybe they aren't a problem of games and not an Internet phenomenon. But instead a societal problem.

Johannes Baldauf

Amadeu Antonio Stiftung

David Hiltscher

ESL - Turtle Entertainment

Sami David Rauscher

Neue Deutsche Medienmacher

Benjamin Rostalski

Stiftung Digitale Spielekultur

Dr. Marc Jan Eumann

SPD / Land NRW

3.45 pm – 4.10 pm
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The Rise of the Robots

MegaBots stirred up the internet in 2015. The Californian startup built a gigantic robot. Then they challenged the Japanese manufacturer Kuratas with a taunting video. The first battlemech fight in human history will take place in 2017. Meanwhile, MegaBots will have figured out how Real Life competition and eSports can merge in the future. Mankind, beware!

Brinkley Warren


4.15 pm – 4.40 pm
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Digital Dropouts

The youth researcher Philipp Ikrath has concerned himself intensively with anti-digital youth movements. This is because there is of course a rebellious counterculture reacting against the digital mainstream. And it is analogue.

Philipp Ikrath

Institut fr Jugendkulturforschung

4.45 pm – 5.15 pm
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Thomas Oberender

Berliner Festspiele

Thomas Bedenk


Olaf Zimmermann

Deutscher Kulturrat

Holger Volland

Frankfurter Buchmesse