Max Fraenkel

Redakteur, Jugendangebot ARD/ZDF

Speaking Slots

Aug 18th 2016 | 12.15 pm | Rheinsaal 5
Kulturkritik und Kritikkultur: Games in der Redaktion

Born and raised in THE early-adopter hotspot Rosenheim in deepest Bavaria, Max Freankel started his gaming career playing “Star Wars: Jedi Knight” in between his mother’s phone calls – all while battling a ping of 200 and up. After working in radio and television, he is now part of the “Junges Angebot von ARD und ZDF”. In his position as a “Konzepter” he is currently developing several new web shows – two of which are gaming-related. His goal is to turn gaming into a cultural part of society and change its freaky.hobby-image. To stay – more or less – up to date he spends way too much time on reddit and far too little on his Playstation 4.